Our Manifesto

Data that Speaks — Guiding Cloud Transparency

Cloud Mercato is an objective, 3rd party research firm, entirely devoted to study of the Cloud market. Cloud Service Providers make claims which must be verified for the benefit of the Cloud industry and its Consumers—this is Cloud Mercato’s goal.

We asset our own claims of being

  • Proactive Market Analysis
  • Objective
  • The Common Interest

Cloud computing is an increasingly broad topic—incorporating terms from hypervisors to hardware, where providers believe all infrastructure or software can be a service. This has created a haze over the market, various specifications, storage types and pricing schemes among multitudes of new and growing Cloud Service providers, the Cloud Sphere is now as complicated as it is vast.

The Cloud Mercato Method is scientific, objective and uncompromisingly transparent. Geared for the individual and enterprise alike so that each may harness the flexibility intrinsic to the cloud.

Cloud Mercato focuses on four major keys

Hardware specification and virtualization implementation

The backbone of an offering, physical infrastructure and how vendors tranform it into a product

Infrastructure and application performance

Specifications mean little with poor implementation, we evaluate the true performance of offerings

Pricing and billing options

Every entity has a budget and every solution has a measurable value. We ensure not just prices are available, but a ratio of price and performance, from an entire solution to that of a single component

Features and cloud mdels

Intangible freebies, backups, support? Feature availability can make or break a deal. Requiring extensive market research, provider features should not be assumed equal

In contrast with the global conceptualization on Cloud Computing, which avoids the intricacies of composition, Cloud Mercato unravels the seemingly endless flexibility granted by the Cloud, into metrics that make sense.
Benchmarking the Cloud requires use of the scientific method and pragmatic attack—Cloud Mercato employs:

  • Reproducible methodologies: Standardized synthetic workloads—results are analyzed for unusual variation and can be reliably replicated.
  • Mindful Sampling: Minimal Viable Data—samples are collected frequently with variables accounted for: location, time of day, etc. on multiple test units.
  • Automation: Datapoints are gathered with great accuracy and frequency—Type 1 and 2 error, need not apply.
  • Common Interest Collaboration: Remove assumptions and bias within the marketplace. We make direct communication with service providers and test their claims for the benefit of the entire Cloud Sphere.