Cloud Mercato is

The World’s Most Comprehensive Cloud Benchmark Platform

We continuously collect and analyze metrics from a wide cross-section of CSP offerings. Using in-house automation technology tailored for the Cloud.

Cross-Market Computational, Network, Storage and Application performances are evaluated and available within our platform.

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A Team of Experienced Cloud Analysts

We keep up-to-date, establishing permanent, state-of-art of Cloud Market benchmarks. Using our combined knowledge, we bring accurate opinions and marketing material to bear.

Our team is adept at Composing Marketing Material, Consulting on Future Infrastructure Decisions and Performing Specialty Benchmark Projects.

Vast Industry Knowledge Bringing Solutions to a Wide Audience




For Cloud Providers

Effectively position Cloud Solutions and Services

Know competitor performance

Discern what makes the difference

For Cloud Consumers

Find solutions most adapted to your budget

Match infrastructure to your production workloads

Find where you stand and see the possibilities

They trust us because we bring Knowledge that matters

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