Always Current. Multi-Cloud Visibility


Cloud Mercato benchmarks thousands of VMs for twenties of Cloud Providers around the globe. Providing you with up-to-date intelligence, always.


Cloud Provider pricing and performance intelligence are presented side-by-side based on ten key indices and can be downloaded for easy analysis.


Current and unbiased benchmarking data allows you to make informed purchase decisions, drive IT strategy, and forecast budgets accurately.

A Single Source for Comparing Thousands of products around the globe

Cloud Mercato’s Cloud Transparency Platform works 24/7 to capture performance data through synthetic and application testing. Pricing is updated monthly, so you always have up-to-date comparisons of Cloud Service Providers at your fingertips.

Don’t waste valuable resources on replicating benchmarking tests on your own. Setup monthly reports to inform decision-makers in your organization on the changing landscape of the Cloud industry.

Analyze and Move with Market Trends

True visibility for Cloud consumers can only be achieved by monitoring price and performance on an on-going and consistent basis. Why does it matter?


Monitor current and prospective Cloud Service Providers before you buy.  Optimize workload distribution across VMs from multiple providers, transforming the way you buy Cloud.


Track up-to-date performance and pricing data to ensure your products are always competitive. Leverage competitor intelligence to stay one step ahead and help gain market share.

Cloud Transparency Platform is firstly a huge set of data

We regularly collect and keep up-to-date the most importants metrics for your purpose:

  • +1 managed providers
  • +1 tested instances
  • + managed buckets
  • +1000 CPU datapoints
  • +1000 storage datapoints
  • +500 network datapoints
  • +1000 price datapoints

And smart analysis tools using our knowledge base

By continuously developing software adapted to Cloud benchmarks, we catch and share our expertise in different perspectives across all key domains.

Want Current Price and Performance Intelligence for Cloud Service Providers Around the Globe?