Frequently asked questions

We are a consulting and research firm focused on cloud market prospection and analysis. Our goal is to establish the best landscape of the industry by collecting data about all providers and their products. Not just the market leaders: all cloud vendors of all kind and size.

The scope is very large and could be shortly qualified by "technico-marketing". Our database contains billions of datapoint about locations, pricing, performance, certifications and features.

Since 2017, our platform scrutinizes the market and it evolution. It contains now more than 100 cloud vendors, 50,000 product references with their various billing options.

Our database contains data about

  • Catalog
  • Specifications
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Locations
  • Certifications
  • And more and more

You may not have fallen under our radar yet. Inclusion to our platform is free, just contact us . The process is quite simple, we just want to know who you are, what you do, what are your strengths, where you think you are in the market.

Yes, it is precisely our core of business. First of all, we regularly publish free benchmarks and studies through our Projector, they are completly free and help any curious to get various data about vendors.

Next, we run benchmark for our customers for helping them in the understanding of the market or promote products through the neutral perspective of numbers. On top of comparative analysis, we support customers in exploitation of data through reports, blog posts or podcasts.

The Cloud Transparency Platform has been made for this usage. It contains a set of portal accessing our database and giving different approaches of our knowledge. For instance the Public Cloud Reference lets you discover the cloud catalogs and our GraphQL API allows developers to play with our datasets

If it's not specified otherwise, our content is under Creative-Common License (CC BY 4.0). So you can reuse our work but must give attribution to Cloud Mercato.

Anonymous and freemium users have a large catalog of data but don't have access to our whole dataset. For a full access, please subscribe to a Pro or Premium subscription (see pricing).

From our database and knowledge, we appear as an asset for:

  • Neutral referee in call for tender
  • Datasource for FinOps and integrators
  • Sales process support
  • Marketing content generator

Data is oil and can enhance anybody in his/her job, Cloud Mercato's deliver tailored support from prospection to exploitation of resources.

We love to begin by a simple conversation with the providers, then our automated platform enable large-scale data prospection:

  • We scrap each API to discovers locations, products, prices and features
  • We rent products and evaluate performance

We are present on several media:

The core of Cloud Mercato is the data we collect from market and we try to retranscribe it without biais. For this purpose, we put two principles at the core of Mercato:

  1. Transparency demonstrates the objectivity
  2. Reproducibility allows readers to fall on the same numbers

Otherwise, Cloud Mercato is owned by no one else than its founder. No cloud vendor or service provider have any power of decision on Cloud Mercato 's communications.